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In my Ghosh Yoga Class on Saturday I began the practice speaking about the concept of our energy. I used the sound bowl as an example. When you hit the sound bowl it vibrates and creates a sound. The energy of the sound bowl swirls around and that is why you hear its tone. If I were to pinch the edge of the bowl the sound would immediately stop. As human beings we are raw energy. As we get older that vibration becomes less and less until we eventually pass away. We have the ability to control this energy. Yoga in its rawest form gives us the blueprint to liberate ourselves from suffering. When we allow the external to control us we suffer. When we experience pain or have anxiety and are under stress we seize up and that energy no longer flows freely throughout our bodies. The practice of Yoga teaches us how to maintain and control our own energy flow so that the external world doesn't affect us. It is only the internal that matters. Yoga is the art of turning inward.

Over the last few months I have been engaged in intense study of the old Yoga texts. When you dive deep into the texts it's a fascinating and enlightening experience. These individuals took on the monumental task of trying to liberate humanity. They attempted to figure out why we are here. To end human suffering. To me that takes guts.

My own yoga practice and teaching has been shifting towards this idea of human liberation for awhile now. It is not easy and requires intense concentration and discipline. Myself being a trauma survivor and also just someone who from a very young age has deep down always been fascinated with the ideas of who we are bedsides what we see in the mirror. What exists in our brains? What is our true potential? What can we learn when we develop the tools to block out all distractions?

As I evolve in my teaching and learn more about what is possible I will not only grow myself but to teach others how to reach their full potential, to help my students harness their own energy so they become better humans. This is my purpose.


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