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In The Beginning

It comes on slowly. The tingling moves through your face and down your arms. A gentle euphoria flows though your veins.

Light starts to bend and shadows start to move.

Colors swirl and objects come alive.

You are not sure where you are going but you know for sure you are definitely going.

This is the part where the ego begins to dissolve.

Two different journeys are taking place. The visions you see with eyes open and the visions you see with your eyes closed. Two different realities.

As my eyes are open I can see my dreams being acted out like a play. The dreams are my consciousness, I can see and touch them.

When I close my eyes a completely different world appears. It is all neon lights, almost laser beams, and they are moving quickly in geometric shapes. I have no idea what this means or where this vision comes from.

At some point the two visions cross back and forth. This is the most intense part of the journey. I have no idea how long it lasts because in this portal you lose all concept of time.

When the intensity lowers there is this calm feeling that moves though you. You are a in between sleep and a dream.

I started to have visions of this human being, sitting on the beach, millions of years ago. I feel like this is the first human being. The first human that realized that they were alive. He looked up at the sun and felt its power. He knew he was chosen and special. He felt for that one moment that there was a purpose. He saw another human being like him and felt safe. A smile, a tear, and an acknowledgment that he was consciousness.

This is the heart of happiness. A real and true happiness. To know that we are consciousness. This is what the yogis were trying to achieve. They knew that this was the ultimate happiness. It is a different feeling than getting some material possession. Nothing can bring you more joy than self realization. Truly knowing that EVERYTHING is one is the only path to happiness. All of human existence is within us. We just need to remember. Even as a child my dreams were vivid and I knew I wanted to know why. Who I am now is truth.

Don't go through this life without trying to remember.


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