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The breath and the body

triangle pose

Have you ever really taken notice of your breath? I mean really taken notice? How do you breathe when you are happy? Stressed? In pain? During Exercise? When you first wake up in the morning?

Over the last few months I have gone deep into my yoga practice. I practice yoga from the Ghosh lineage. I practice asana. I don't really "flow" as in other forms of yoga but I hold singular poses for anywhere from 10 to 90 seconds. I feel this type of yoga is best for me. I want people to try different types of yoga to see what works for them. Our bodies are all different and unique and our strengths and weakness are also unique.

But breath is universal. We all need to breath. As I have gotten deeper into my yoga practice I have become completely conscious of my breath. Putting yourself in extremely uncomfortable positions can put great strain on the heart and lungs. But breath can make the uncomfortable, comfortable again.

For example, the triangle pose is usually very difficult for beginners. Stepping your leg way out, bending your leg at a 90 degree angle and spreading your arms in opposite directions puts you in a vulnerable and off balance position. Your lungs are expanded, your quad is burning and your right foot holds on for dear life to keep you upright. Its normal to hold your breath. Your body is confused and uncomfortable. This is where breath comes in. Just breathe, calmly in and out your nose. Imagine every tendon, muscle, blood vessel, organ, and hair on your body accepting every molecule of oxygen. Breathe into the pain. Know that this moment is making you a better human.

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